When relaying history, places, objects to the public there should always be a whisper of their affinity and resemblance that leaves room for ones imagination. From this awareness derives the new idea of a Museum, which is certainly closer to the younger generation. A Museum that wants to offer programmes and activities coherent with this ever more complex society, to create and unique tutorial that sends content, stories, and integrates the needs of the younger generation. Knowledge is our mission to do this we could not miss our opportunity to involve Schools and their pupils. For this reason the tutorials that the Radio Museum offers to schools is a union between doing and knowing. The guided tours, the workshops, the learning process, the role games, the new language areas, all comprehend various types of activities orientated towards stimulating and motivating our visitors to discover and comprehend the scientific themes treated.

Learning is not a direct consequence of teaching, but an individual construction process, using all the basic teaching motivation in the environment.
In the conviction that we can help students learn in their own personal learning process, the experience at the Radio Museum of Tuglie provides:

1-list guided visit of the museum, with technical explanation of the instrumentation there;

2-list workshops demonstrating practically how the instrumentation works (in which case the students are on lookers);

3-list workshop activities, based on tutorial games and scientific workshops, with carefully programmed experiments that are specifically described. Workshops can be conducted with parallel organizations (groups use the same instruments on the same subject, type of series, each group deals with a different topic and coordinates with the others).